An open-source, hackable, trustable assistant you can host yourself.

from pytlas import training, intent

@training('en') # Define some training data in your language
def greet_en_training(): return """
    hey ~[there?]
    hello ~[there?]
    what's up

# Trainings are written using a tiny interpreter agnostic
# language and is available at:

@intent('greet') # Handle the intent!
def on_greet(request):
    # And do whatever you want, such as answering
    request.agent.answer('Hello there!')
    # And returns to the asleep state using done()
from pytlas import training, intent

def lights_en_training(): return """
    turn lights on in @[room]
    lights on in @[room]


def on_lights_on(request):
    # Extract the first room value
    room = request.intent.slot('room').first().value
    if not room: # If there's none, ask for it
        return request.agent.answer('room', 'Which room?')
    # Else, do something with the room, control a philips Hue or whatever
    return request.agent.done()
from pytlas import training, intent

def temperature_en_training(): return """
    raise the temperature to @[temperature_value]
    set the temperature to @[temperature_value]
    lower the temperature to @[temperature_value]

    30 degree
    20 degree
    13 degree

# Possibilities are infinite, check the documentation!

def on_set_temperature(request):
    temp = request.intent.slot('temperature_value').first().value
    # Put your logic to set the temperature here!
    request.agent.answer(f'Setting temperature to {temp}')
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An assistant you truly own

An assistant you truly own

Your assistant is powered by the open-source python library pytlas which will extract meaningful data from human language sentences and call your own code when its done.

It offers an easy to use API to make writing skills as painless as possible.

You can embed the library yourself or use some already developed application such as the broker which will expose your assistant across MQTT and other channels.

Hackable at its core

Hackable at its core

Expose your assistant however you like, write or use community skills and you’re good to go!

You got the power and the only limit is your imagination.

Got a Raspberry Pi and a GSM Hat? Host pytlas and expose it through simple SMS and embrace your low-tech personal assistant!

Want to help us build an open-source assistant and shape the future of atlas? Join us and start contributing 🙌!